Kenya Climate Ventures Overview

Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) was founded in 2016, with seed capital from Danida and UKAid. KCV is an independent subsidiary of Kenya Climate Innovation Center. The firm is an independent investment management company based in Kenya seeking to accelerate the development of the clean-tech industry as a whole by providing much needed tailored and targeted financial and managerial assistance support to innovative early stage businesses. KCV seeks to invest in businesses that have relevant products or services, sustainable competitive advantage, good management teams and ethical business practices.

Investing with KCV

Institutional and individual investors can invest in the Kenya Climate Ventures through various platforms. Please visit our investor page on our website to locate the key contact persons. Investors in the Kenya Climate Ventures have access to quarterly account statements, quarterly Fund portfolios, commentary from our portfolio managers and quarter’s performance via e-mail or mailed by request.


Kenya Climate Ventures benefits greatly from independent ownership. Freedom from outside influences allows us to think independently, act on our convictions and always put our stakeholders’ interest first. We provide key employees the opportunity to work independently, which allows us to maintain a lasting team of quality people who can make great investment decisions.


Our investment team is comprised of individuals with strong analytical skills, and intellectual and personal integrity. We provide our investment team with an open environment and the resources they need to find great investments.